Diwali Cruise 2017

Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated every year to mark the victory of good over evil, the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. The celebration includes family and friends coming together. Lights are lit, candles are burnt, sweets are distributed and well being and good luck are wished

To bring Indians in Australia close to their roots and to bring upon a feeling of Diwali unison, Bollywood club organized DIWALI CRUISE’17 on 20th October 2017 on the largest boat in Sydney – Bella Vista cruise and gave people an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy this festival of lights on board which was beautifully decorated and orchestrated for Diwali. The cruise was lit in lights and bright Diwali tradition, as it sailed amidst spectacular Darling Harbour with breathtaking views.

People were welcomed on Bella Vista with the Indian tradition of teeka, giving them the feeling of home away from home. Everyone shinned, sparkled and sizzled in their beautiful Diwali attires to celebrate with Family and friends.

There were also Dhol players and dancers who got the party mood for the occasion to kick in. This got the people all excited in festive feel, who then danced their night away on the eclectic beats of Bollywood music!

Crackers were busted which evoked the spirit of festivities among the attendees. The cruise was graced by over 650 people, all too excited for the party and waiting for the party to kick in. Some people came all the way from Melbourne to be a part of one of its kind Diwali cruise
There were scrumptious food and indulgent drinks available for attendees to buy to succumb to their food and drinks craving. There was something for everyone on board. The Delicious Food was the courtesy of our Food Partner –Maaya Da Dhabha.

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