How to contact us?

Email us at: info@bollywoodclub.com.au or Call at: +61-411895770

How old I have to be to enter?

This is an 18+ event.

What is the ticket price?

Send us a booking enquire and we will send you the ticket price details

Can I bring my toddler along?

No, you can not get kids along as this is 18+ event

What is the dress code?

The dress code is always formal and semi-formal club wear. Dress codes for theme parties are mentioned in the respective event descriptions.

Is ticket price the cover charge?

No, it’s the entry price.

How can I find about the upcoming events?

You can find our upcoming events under the Events page on website here and on our facebook page

What type of music do you play?

We do bollywood commercial hits and Top 40 charts with R&B.

Do you allow on door entry?

We have on door entry for events, the on door tickets are 20-30% expensive on door.

Am I entitled to a refund in case I don’t reach the party?

The tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

How can I buy the tickets?

To buy your tickets, send us a booking enquiry for the event by filling in the form. Once the booking is received and approved, we will send you a ticket link and password on your registered email Id using which you can buy your tickets.



We don’t accommodate guetlists, but we have presale tickets and VIP packages


We have VIP booths and tables for upto 40 people,email us at info@bollywoodclub.com.au


For business collaborations and media enquiries, email us at info@bollywoodclub.com.au


If you would like to join our team in any capacity ( DJ, Dancers, Promoters, Hosts, Event Managers, PR/Promotion, Marketing, Video/Photographers etc) Just email us at info@bollywoodclub.com.au and tell us what you can do best and why?


Email us at, info@bollywoodclub.com.au